How to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday in Bangalore


Planning a birthday for a friend makes the day very special for a friend and strengthens the bonds of friendship. There are many ways to celebrate a friend’s birthday in cities in India as there are lots of different types of plans that can be formulated to celebrate a birthday. Bangalore is one of the coolest cities in India. There are plenty of choices to make a birthday special and enjoyable in this cosmopolitan city. The following are plans that can be made to celebrate a friend’s birthday in Bangalore:

Celebrating a Friend’s Birthday in Bangalore

Send Flowers

Sending flowers to a friend on their birthday is a very sweet gesture. Start a friend’s birthday by sending flowers to them via online flowers delivery in Bangalore. It is very easy to order flowers online in cities like Bangalore and have them delivered to a friend or a loved one. Making it extra special by adding a friend’s favorite flower in the bouquet is a great idea.

Adventure Sports

Simply to send flowers to Bangalore to your friend is not enough. People in Bangalore are very adventurous and planning an adventure filled birthday is a terrific choice. Parasailing, fishing, mountain climbing or trekking, a biking trip or horse riding lessons are all excellent choices. Adventure sports are a lot of fun and a group of friends can enjoy a fabulous birthday and make it a memorable one.

Spa Day or Salon Visit

Women celebrating a friend’s birthday tend to like this plan a lot. Start the day by sending an online flowers delivery in Bangalore to a friend. Continue by celebrating the birthday of a friend by visiting a spa for the day with friends and having a relaxing time that will be a pleasant experience. A group of friends can relax, enjoy massages and treatments, have a nice lunch and spend time together at the spa. The Four Fountains Spa, Krishna Kutir Ayurvedic Spa, and SPA.ce the Spa are top spas in Bangalore. Also visiting a salon together and getting a mani-pedi and some nice beauty treatments together is an excellent way to spend a girlfriend’s birthday. Bounce Salon, Flirty Scissors, B- Blunt Salon and Margaret’s are some of the top Salons in Bangalore.

Restaurants and Bars

Bangalore is known to have the best restaurants and bars in the country. This is a traditional choice but taking a friend out to a good restaurant or planning a party at a restaurant is always a good choice. There are so many great restaurants in Bangalore. The Raj Pavilion, Alto Vino, Toit, Byg Brewski are all excellent choices to name a few. There are quiz nights and game nights at various bars in Bangalore. Bars like The Permit Room, The Open Box, Vapour, and The Irish House have fun game nights planned on different days of the week. Celebrating a friend’s birthday at these bars is a fantastic plan.

If a friend just celebrates a birthday of a dear friend with some flowers, it can still make a friend’s day. Send flowers to a Bangalore friend, if it is not possible to be in Bangalore at the time of a birthday of a dear friend. However, planning a birthday for a friend by celebrating it in the above-mentioned ways will make the day very memorable. Bangalore is a 21st-century city and there are plenty of options available to plan an epic birthday for a friend. Planning a birthday is a lot of fun and then meeting friends and giving a friend a surprise party will only create a deeper friendship between friends. Choose a plan that everyone will enjoy, especially the birthday boy or girl for whom the party is being planned.


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