Earn Money by Writing as a Business Ghostwriter


If you have a passion for letters (in the broad sense of the word) and are looking for a way to make money writing (because you have the skills), here’s an idea: train yourself to become a Business Ghostwriter. Thus, after talking about Web Content Editor, Web Marketer and Data Protection Officer in digital professions continues. Both those invented from scratch with the advent of the web are those, like the Ghostwriter, that surely have been (partially or entirely) redefined.

What does a Business Ghostwriter do to make money by writing?

The Ghostwriter is a shadow writer, or one who writes for third parties without appearing among the authors of the production. He is a very employed figure in politics, but also by top management (in particular by the CEOs also known as Managing Directors).

Of course. The managing directors of big companies all over the world seem to have supernatural powers: they run companies, they establish charities, they do marathons and, more than likely, and they publish books. It’s not all their own sack. Often behind there is the hand of a Business Ghostwriter. Nothing unlawful, indeed. It is a legal employment relationship, regulated by the parties and paid. Here’s how you too can get, if you have the right skills, to become a Business Ghostwriter and make this your writing activity job.

1) A Business Ghostwriter knows how to seize the moment

A good ghost writer is just a ghost. That is, it is able to modulate on the personality of his client or on his type of work, adjusting tone of voice and style of writing. In other words, good Business Ghostwriters know how to make an impromptu conversation (with their client) and transform it into a lucid and compelling text.

2) A Business Ghostwriter is a strategist

Starting with the first phone call with the client, the good paid editors and writer is able to take a strategic approach to what he will be asked to write. So, once you have signed up, document as much as you can about your client and your target market. If you are asked to write your book or essay, you absolutely need to know what was written on that topic, what works, what inspires the curiosity of the public and what instead makes it remain indifferent. It is part of your task not only to write, but to identify what is relevant and then translate it into text.

3) A Business Ghostwriter merges with the project

We know that merging with the project is a strong word. But the term identifying with the project does not make the idea quite enough. If you want to achieve success, work on the writing project as if it were yours, as if it had just started from your own idea. No coincidence that the best Ghostwriters in the world are very selective in accepting assignments. At the beginning, obviously, you won’t be able to afford this luxury, but still try to align yourself as much as possible with the intent of your client. How to do? Talk to him, his idea must become almost yours.

4) A Business Ghostwriter is always in contact with the client

After approving the structure of the book, if it does not do so of its own accord, suggest that your client read and approve the first chapter as well. Don’t be afraid, in fact, constantly look for these feedbacks, at least at the beginning (or if you work for the first time with that client). Only then will you be able to “align” your voice to that of the author who will appear on the cover of the text! Do you feel like wasting time or showing insecurity? Far from it! If you will be able to impersonate your client, if you also become a strategic consultant for the work as well as a writer, then you will have bingo!

Earn money by writing attention to the competition: on the net there is an AI Ghostwriter

Yes, this is the bad news. One of those that makes us think that, in the long run, artificial intelligence could steal (completely) work rather than facilitate it. There are platforms equipped with AI (artificial intelligence), able to identify target audiences and keywords, customize textual contents and predict the results of content marketing strategy almost in real time. It is not difficult to imagine that this artificial intelligence could soon become one of the most sought-after Ghostwriters on the market, especially by those companies that could thus reduce the costs deriving from the engagement of a Ghostwriter in the flesh.

Far be it from us to demonize this platform which is a triumph of science and technology and above all. It is cited for the duty of news and to inform future ghost writers that competition is so great. And now more than ever, travel online.

Therefore, the key word in this area of ​​the ghostwriting business is to differentiate (specialize). It is not enough to be there. Yes, therefore, to specialized studies and field experience, combined with a wise online presence. From the opening of a showcase site with a portfolio of personal branding itself.


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