5 Ways to Utilize Hostel Time During College

5 Ways to Utilize Hostel Time During College

As a college student, you know how fast the time flies. Living a hostel life is way different than living in your home.

You become more independent and get more time to enjoy around your friends.

This solely gives you a chance to waste your time more in spite of doing anything different than studies and scrolling over your social feeds.

This is a not-so-obvious guide on ways to utilize hostel time during college.

#1 Study Something More & Different

Leaning never exhausts your mind, neither does learning away from your college curriculum.

Find some definite time in your hostel to learn new things every single day. It can be anything like playing the guitar, learning new online courses, or anything from your friends about something you don’t know.

Although you can learn all these during your summer vacation, it is the best time to learn in the hostel along with your friends. You can easily clarify doubts and learn faster.

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Thinking of doing some online courses? Udemy has some great courses lined up. You can pay and learn anything for just less than $15.

5 Ways to Utilize Hostel Time During College

I have taken part in more than 12 courses there for FREE. Yes, you can get exclusive coupons if you google for ‘free udemy coupons’. The courses were on coding and I must say this is a great source to utilise hostel time.

#2 Play Your Sport

Living in the dorms of the hostel is never fun. The temptation to go outside and play on the ground with your friends is every hostelite’s happiness.

5 Ways to Utilize Hostel Time During College

It’s very much a refreshing feeling and also stress-free after your daily college lectures.

No matter if you play good or bad in a sport. Just be in it and enjoy the game.

#3 Work On A Project

Try to build something new.

Every day think of some great idea that might solve the problem of the world or be an exciting challenge to work upon.

During my hostel times, We had a great group of people skilled in all sorts of works.

If you like working on electronic components then drones, camera slider, and robots would be a great option to start with. There are tutorials on YouTube to help you begin with.

5 Ways to Utilize Hostel Time During College

Personal Opinion: If you are a beginner in all these kinds of stuff, start with Arduino boards and start learning from lighting up the led. Then switch over to blinking led, adding a switch to led and finally experiment with its codes.

Call out all your friends who might be great to include and just make a new stuff. If everything works out really good, you can start earning for your work.

Who knows if you would end up starting your own startup?

Yes. You can begin a startup in your college itself.

#4 Read Newspaper & Books

If anyone hasn’t told you by now the need to read newspapers, then you are missing out the good habits.

Reading books increases your imagination powers and also your vocabulary on that language.

It helps develop your creative thinking and knowledge on various topics.

5 Ways to Utilize Hostel Time During College

Hence is the newspaper which lets you be aware of the latest happenings in the outside world. Be it the crime, fashion or the latest technology.

For your hostel time, There are so many books you can easily pick up and read.

#5 Learn New Language

Did you know that there are 7,106 languages in the world? Also, the most spoken language worldwide is Mandarin Chinese.

How many International languages do you know?

If you are wondering why it’s important to know them, Well there are so many uses of knowing an extra language.

It will surely be a use to you while traveling around the world where your native language is of no use.

Be it English, Spanish, Chinese, German or any language, Speak the languages to your friends and also help them learn along. Believe me, it’s so much fun.

On completing your college life, you also have an extra language by which you can stand out from a crowd during an interview.

Final Words.

You would have figured out by now which way is the best for utilizing your hostel time.

Don’t let these techniques bother you in any way deviate from your studies. Studies are too important.

If you have any other way or ideas you know, do let us know in the comments.

Guest Post By: Sreekant Shenoy

A bored engineering student solving jigsaw of his college life. Die hard android developer, technology enthusiast and blogger at KTUStudy.


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